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Whether in the group classes, individuals or on the internet, the same question comes up all the time “what can I do to progress?”In this article, we give you the advice of my accumulated experience over several decades in the martial arts.

The basics of a good workout

Whether you train in a club, at home with videos or with friends, there are some basic rules to follow.

Arts-martial regularity

This is the most important thing. Training must be regular to progress. Depending on each person’s schedule, this varies, but to ensure good progress, the minimum is often twice a week.Another question that we are asked regularly is “how long does it take to become good?” With the black belt mlm training the options come easily now.

Different factors come into play:

  • Some people learn faster than others
  • A student who trains every day, will progress faster than one who trains once a week
  • Have already practiced martial arts before can help
  • The level of each remains always relative to the person to be faced.
  • The most important thing is to progress in relation to oneself.

Martial arts integration daily

The implication is the one that one puts in one’s practice. The one who does his training and does not think about it at all until the next class will progress less quickly than the one who continues to train in his head several times a day.One of the best ways to progress is to integrate the art that you practice in your everyday life. It must be an integral part of your life. This removes the time constraint or excuses of the type:

  • I do not have time to go to training
  • It is raining
  • It’s cold
  • It’s too hot
  • It is far
  • There’s too much space
  • Transport problems
  • I am tired

In practice, in a day, there is always a moment when we wait for something or simply where our mind is free. We must take advantage of these moments to mentally repeat an exercise, a technique,

Martial Arts inoffice

In the subway?Try to remember what you did in the previous class.

There are also times when you are alone, sometimes very brief, sometimes longer. You can enjoy these moments to repeat some movements. You go to the toilet; you go in a corridor out of sight? A series of punches.

Martial arts burnsteps

When we start, we cannot wait to succeed in advanced techniques, complex sequences. For many, it’s synonymous with a certain level, an accomplishment but bewares, it’s misleading and many fall into this trap.The most important thing in martial arts is the basics. Like the foundations of a house, that will make you strong and valuable in the face of adversity.Everyone will not share my point of view, but for me, the advanced techniques are there more to improve the dexterity of the practitioner than to be applied in combat.


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